In light of the concussion epidemic in youth sports with the latest studies estimating nearly 2million head injuries each year, Middletown Soccer CLub is now Strongly Recommending baseline concussion testing for all soccer players 10 year sof age and older.  USA Soccer has also made several rules changes in order to reduce the incidence of soccer related concussion injuries.  In order to ensure maximum protection and compliance, we are suggesting that every player gets tested using the protocol and systems being offered by ConcussionRXcare® a division of db Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  ConcussionRXCare has been providing comprehensive baseline concussion testing, education and post concussion rehabilitation for athletes in Monmouth County since 2008.  Their program has successfully prevented many athletes from returning to sports too early following a head injury.  Testing for players 10 years of age and older is scheduled for the following days and pre-registration is required. You can choose the date most convenient for you in advance.  If you can’t make any of the scheduled dates you will have option to get testing done at either our Lincroft or Manalapan offices. The cost is $39.95/athlete and includes baseline balance, oculomotor and neurocognitive test as well as unlimited post head injury retesting with reports to your physician for 1 year.


Testing dates at St. Anthony’s Padua RC Church in Red Bank  (athletes will be taken on a 1st come, 1st served basis during testing hours):

Wed, Sept 14 between 6-8pm

Wed, Sept 21 between 6-8pm

Wed, Sept 28 between 6-8pm

Select to have testing done at db Ortho PT Lincroft or Manalapan office – you will be contacted for date and time of your convenience after registering



Below are just a few testimonials from parents that had athletes sustain a concussion after participating in our baseline testing program:


“We would like to thank Red Bank Catholic and db Orthopedic Physical Therapy for arranging and administering baseline concussion testing for our daughter. Recently when our daughter suffered a fall in an AAU basketball game, we thankfully had important information at our disposal to assist in diagnosing her concussion. The baseline cognitive and balance tests she was previously given when she was healthy were invaluable. These baseline tests and repeated post-concussion tests gave us, and her pediatrician, beneficial information to track her healing progress. I would highly recommend baseline testing to any parent of a young athlete. Thank you RBC and db Orthopedic Physical Therapy for caring about young athletes’ health.”  A.S. Rumson, NJ


“Thank you again for all of the attention that you gave my son NB when he was diagnosed with a possible concussion. We appreciated all of the time that you spent with us explaining the post concussion test results and degree of the issue. You and your staff were great!  We are very fortunate that we had the baseline testing prior to the season because without it you and the other doctors would not of had any data to compare the severity of the issue and proper protocol that we needed to follow.  We will continue to have a baseline test each year and would strongly recommend that all parents do the same regardless of the sport.” M.B. Red Bank, NJ




Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Is it mandatory for my child to participate in Baseline testing? NO  This is being recommended but not mandated to reduce their chance of sustaining second impact syndrome by returning to play before they are healed from a first concussion.  We are Strongly recommending that all our athletes participate since we have had several players sustain concussions and it has been difficult to determine their readiness for return to play without some objective criteria of their status before the head injury.  This is the same testing that is performed on EVERY college and NFL player!


  1. Will the testing prevent my child from returning to the game, practice or future games?  State law requires any athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion to be immediately removed from the game and practice.  This will occur no matter if the athlete had baseline testing or not.  The ability to return to play is based on several factors evaluated by the physician.  Without baseline testing, the physician determining return to play readiness will not have any pre-injury objective data to determine their status.  Baseline testing provides that information.  Therefore, if the test results after injury are the same as before injury, the athlete will have a faster chance of returning to play.  If they are not, healing has not occurred and they are at risk for further injury if they return too soon.  However, the physician making that determination will also use other evaluation findings to make a complete diagnosis and prognosis – see excerpt of NJ concussion law:   “A student who participates in an interscholastic sports program or cheerleading program and who sustains or is suspected of having sustained a concussion or other head injury while engaged in a [sports] competition or practice shall be immediately removed from the [sports] competition or practice. A student-athlete or cheerleader who is removed from competition or practice shall not participate in further sports or cheerleading activity until he is evaluated by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussions, and receives written clearance from a physician trained in the evaluation and management of concussions to return to competition or practice. (cf: P.L.2010, c.94, s.4)”


  1. Is the baseline testing expensive? The cost is $39.95 and includes baseline balance, oculomotor and neurocognitive testing, unlimited post concussion testing and reports to your physician for 1 year.  In case of a head injury, the post injury retest is performed within 72hrs at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy with offices in Lincroft and Manalapan, NJ and takes approximately 20min min to complete.  The information is securely stored and is released to your physician of choice and team coaches to ensure maximum compliance.  The testing should be repeated every year to allow for body and brain processing changes as the athlete matures.


  1. Will the baseline testing diagnose a concussion?  NO.  A physician must make the diagnosis by whatever evaluation means they use.  This will only help in that process and will definitively determine readiness for return to play.



The registration process has been made easy.  You can click the attached link to register your athlete.  If you have any questions, please call  732-747-1262 or via email at  Everyone here at Middletown Soccer Club is taking the problem of concussions in youth sports very seriously and this program will only help us to become a model program and more importantly reduce the chance of a player returning to sports too soon and the devastating effects that can cause.



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